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Saturday, July 3, 2010

E3 Bitch!

Oh, god E3 was great, wasn't it? New Zelda, kirby, golden eye, kid icarus, new 3d ds (which DOESN'T look gay!!), and god it looks great. Playstation actually had some good things to say too. They had Portal 2, Dead Space 2, and PlayStation Move, which, after lots of research, doesn't look half bad. I'm still not gonna buy it though. I've already got a Wii.

Xbox however.... they make me sad. The games they show cased, were nothing new or cool. All old news. Kinekt... or whatever, it looks awful. Completely scares me. It scares me to think that people today are dumb enough to buy it. But hey, I'm not laying a finger on it for at least a year till its cheaper. Microsoft has dissapointed me there, but the new xbox does look sexy. Very sexy. But its grim days like these we need to sit down with loved ones, and pray that motion doesn't take over. If it does. I swear, I'll just smash all my next gen consoles and play super nes, and PS2... forever.

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