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Friday, August 13, 2010

All Grammatical Errors Intended

Been looking around the internet and found myself in a forum thread about how to get Mew in pokemon ruby, and although I expect retarded answers and lots of grammatical errors in forums, the post " Were is mew in pokemon ruby" just left me pondering who gave such an idiot internet access. Whatever. This was such an idiotic post that I made a quick comic for it. Check out that forum:    
Also, anybody else going to see Scott Pilgrim? Its a movie for all gamers, people who read the comics, and anyone under 30.
(For those of you gamers who have an odd feeling about this comic, the first 2 panels are from the box art of Jeopardy on the Sega CDI) 
                                                                          - off to play more games, David

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