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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


If you have even a drop of creativity, and an imagination, you'll love Scribblenauts. I hardly even play the actual story. For the longest while I just fucked around on the starter screen seeing what can kill what, and testing the limits of my imagination. It was very rarely that my requests were denied, most of the silly things I typed in came to life, for me to have fun fun with. Ever hear of a Cthulhu? Well if you use mind control to make it friendly, you can ride on it's back, as it defends you from gansters and pandas on tricycles. It's really fun, though I feel as though the actually game doesn't spur up much creativiety. It just had me typing in synonyms... but still, it's fun. And I'd like to see a console version, but that'd just be rediculous. Impossible, even. But I even though about the possibility of multiplayer... but I imagine I'd be like playing Halo3 with a bunch of friends, in Forge mode... yeah... But none the less, Scribblenauts is a fun, creative, imaginative game, and I look forward to Super Scribblenauts. Adjectives will take it to the next level...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The bio on this new shocking movie...

Yeah, so we're getting a BioShock movie! ( Huuzah! ) It'll be a long wait until the movie is released in 2013, but I think that this movie will be great. I always felt that the game had a movie like design to it, and so, making a movie out of it shouldn't be that hard... right? Well, a guy by the name of Gore Verbinski was going to direct it. He had plans for making a cool, expensive, movie, on ACTUAL sets! Not CGI! But what happened? The studio kept a close eye on his budget, and he didn't like this. Thus, he dropped from the project. If not for that, the movie would have been released this year, but now whats up? Oh, some fucker by the name of Juan Fresnadillo is going to direct it, with CGI of course... sigh. But Mr. Verbinski is still working with them as producer. Yay? Oh, and we won't see it until 2013. Mega Sigh. But it's going to be rated a "hard R"... that sounds cool. The game's creator Kevin Levine, had this to say: "I will say that it's still an active thing, and it is something we are still actively talking about and actively working on. I can't tell you whether -- you know, the movie business is complicated -- I can't tell you whether it's going to happen for sure or it's not going to happen for sure. But it's something we are actively discussing, quite actively, and actively working on."

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dead Space 2 and Halo reach

Quick over view: Dead Space 2, can't wait. Halo Reach, didn't get yet. Birth By Sleep, beautiful.
I'm REALLY excited for Dead Space 2. I'm currently trying to get all the achievements in Dead Space. I'll play Reach, like... in November. -A new DS kingdom hearts (Re:Coded) is soon to be released in Japan, and a US release will soon follow.

California is trying to fuck up gaming as we know it. If you're over 18 (which you should be to view this site) then you can sign this petition to stop California from being stupid. Click the link to learn more.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bad Ass.

Yeah... so, why get a black Wii? Because it's BAD ASS. And because with wii motion plus. And wii sports resort. Thats why. And metroid is out. So, yeah. But it does look pretty cool.
                 Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, I picked it up not too long ago. It's great, really worth the wait. It plays just like Kingdom Hearts 1, and the graphics are also similar. Good story too. Whats the catch? First off, the worlds. Kinda short. Also? Load Times. They suck. I highly recommend installing the game, yet, I still feel as though it's quite a wait. Worth it? Yes.
                  And so, are you as excited for Dead SPace 2 as I am? I'm doubtful of that. But check out my favorite video about it!: ALSO, there is going to be a Live Action Dead Space movie! Kick ass! Hopefully it won't end up like that Metroid movie. John Woo isn't here to fuck us over this time.
Last thing, check out these 'Mega 64' guys. Pretty damn funny:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm home, and I still hate Soul Calibur 4.

Well, I'm home. And I can't help but think, why wasn't Soul Calibur 4 as good as the others? How could they fuck up Soul Calibur 4? They made 3 PERFECT games, and fuck up the last? Splendid. Anyway, I'll be getting Birth by Sleep tommorrow. Hooray. It really does look good though. And I'd just like to say that this comic was co-created (written) by a good friend of mine, Brandon. I think this is the begining of something great.