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Monday, September 13, 2010

Bad Ass.

Yeah... so, why get a black Wii? Because it's BAD ASS. And because with wii motion plus. And wii sports resort. Thats why. And metroid is out. So, yeah. But it does look pretty cool.
                 Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, I picked it up not too long ago. It's great, really worth the wait. It plays just like Kingdom Hearts 1, and the graphics are also similar. Good story too. Whats the catch? First off, the worlds. Kinda short. Also? Load Times. They suck. I highly recommend installing the game, yet, I still feel as though it's quite a wait. Worth it? Yes.
                  And so, are you as excited for Dead SPace 2 as I am? I'm doubtful of that. But check out my favorite video about it!: ALSO, there is going to be a Live Action Dead Space movie! Kick ass! Hopefully it won't end up like that Metroid movie. John Woo isn't here to fuck us over this time.
Last thing, check out these 'Mega 64' guys. Pretty damn funny:

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