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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


If you have even a drop of creativity, and an imagination, you'll love Scribblenauts. I hardly even play the actual story. For the longest while I just fucked around on the starter screen seeing what can kill what, and testing the limits of my imagination. It was very rarely that my requests were denied, most of the silly things I typed in came to life, for me to have fun fun with. Ever hear of a Cthulhu? Well if you use mind control to make it friendly, you can ride on it's back, as it defends you from gansters and pandas on tricycles. It's really fun, though I feel as though the actually game doesn't spur up much creativiety. It just had me typing in synonyms... but still, it's fun. And I'd like to see a console version, but that'd just be rediculous. Impossible, even. But I even though about the possibility of multiplayer... but I imagine I'd be like playing Halo3 with a bunch of friends, in Forge mode... yeah... But none the less, Scribblenauts is a fun, creative, imaginative game, and I look forward to Super Scribblenauts. Adjectives will take it to the next level...

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