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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Look on his Face....

Many things are priceless, and sometimes are priceless in the sense you'd never be able to afford it. Sometimes, I wonder how much I'd pay to see the look on some of my fallen enemies faces... but no matter how much money I burn, I'll never receive a picture. It's something you can only imagine.
BUT OTHER THAN THAT, I've been addicted to Team Fortress 2. I love it. It's so fun. I sometimes have to get Brandon to kick me in the balls to see if it's a dream. But no. TF2 is real, and it's one of the funnest games ever. And when I'm not playing that, me and Brandon have been co-op-ing in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. It's fun. What's NOT FUN, is ... uh... when Enginiers build level 3 sentrys infront of your base, like, outside, where your dumbass team mates keep dying and refuse to care... not cool.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Not tolerant of YOUR SHIT.

Play Station Network is pretty harsh when it comes to shit like this... I mean, after all the crazy things people do on the psp, it's no suprise. I mean seriously, go on youtube, and just search up 'psp hack' or something. It's quite amusing. So, playing AC Brother Hood? I'll bet so... It's not on my list right now, but I'll get around to it... I should put up a MineCraft comic, shouldn't I? Also, there will be no ThanksGiving comic, Brandon is not in favor of it, and we have better things coming up. -Until next time, Damon.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's finally time.

[As promised, here's a second comic for this week.] Well, Brandon has finally obtained another psp. Thus, he can finally play Final Fantasy Dissidia. And we can finally have totally awesome cataclysmic battles of PURE ACTION. I've been waiting for this day since I finished unlocking everything last December. Haha, about time indeed! Yeah, I also look forward to playing most of the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker missions on co-op. Expect a good MGS Peace Walker comic sometime soon. Never really got a MGSPW comic up... And so Kingdom Hearts is on hold till he's sick of Dissidia. (It's gonna be awhile...)
Yeah, in other news, I'm 3 pokemon away from completing my national pokedex in pokemon Ruby. Once that's complete, I'll be taking a much needed break from the game. Maybe another year like last time. (Haha.) I'll continue once I have more time and money to waste on other games in which I need to get them all. *INSERT LONG SIGH HERE*
Also, I'm personally excited for Dissidia 012. Though I haven't recently checked out the latest news of the game... last I read Tifa was going to be in it, along with Lightning. And I'm not sure about the American release, but in Japan, if you buy Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, you'll get a code for Kingdom Hearts Cloud as one of Cloud's outfits in Duodecim... so, that's it. If anyone finds any fresh juicey facts about the game that you think I don't know (mainly about characters/stages/outfits) , email me at:    -hugs and kisses, Damon.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kingdom Hea- AW WTF, CARDS?!?

So I got Brandon into Kingdom Hearts, and he loved the first one. LOVED IT. But, he finished the first one, and now he's moved on to Chain of Memories... and he was enjoying the nice graphics, boss battles, and wonderful story, AND THEN HE GOT STUCK. So, uh, yeah. So thats about it. In other news: I've been playing Sapphire to complete my pokedex. After you've played Ruby, Sapphire is nothing. Also, I've been playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2, and god dammit i hate that panels system, I mean, equiping each level you gain? Come on!! But I'm much more tolerant of bullshit than Brandon, well, we both have different tolerances of different bullshit. Also, ever since Halo Reach came out, Halo 3's been more fun than ever. Just saying. Alright, that's it.  Check back later this week ( Thursday or Friday) for a second weekly comic! Lucky you!

Until next time, -Damon

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Snipers are for people without Rockets!

Brandon and I have been playing Halo Reach, and so far, here are the people we hate most: people who use armor lock for effective beat downs, and anyone with a shotgun or sword. AND it always seems that when one of us gets the sniper, FUCKIN' ROCKET GUY FINDS US. What goes through their heads? Snipers are for people without Rockets! ..... Also, BlackOps is out, so if you love CallOfDuty, get your dick in gear. Brandon and I aren't big fans, you won't see us online. Still on the watch for Dead Space 2. ;D     -Damon

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! And for those of you faggots who complain about it being November, fuck you! -With love, Damon.