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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's finally time.

[As promised, here's a second comic for this week.] Well, Brandon has finally obtained another psp. Thus, he can finally play Final Fantasy Dissidia. And we can finally have totally awesome cataclysmic battles of PURE ACTION. I've been waiting for this day since I finished unlocking everything last December. Haha, about time indeed! Yeah, I also look forward to playing most of the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker missions on co-op. Expect a good MGS Peace Walker comic sometime soon. Never really got a MGSPW comic up... And so Kingdom Hearts is on hold till he's sick of Dissidia. (It's gonna be awhile...)
Yeah, in other news, I'm 3 pokemon away from completing my national pokedex in pokemon Ruby. Once that's complete, I'll be taking a much needed break from the game. Maybe another year like last time. (Haha.) I'll continue once I have more time and money to waste on other games in which I need to get them all. *INSERT LONG SIGH HERE*
Also, I'm personally excited for Dissidia 012. Though I haven't recently checked out the latest news of the game... last I read Tifa was going to be in it, along with Lightning. And I'm not sure about the American release, but in Japan, if you buy Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, you'll get a code for Kingdom Hearts Cloud as one of Cloud's outfits in Duodecim... so, that's it. If anyone finds any fresh juicey facts about the game that you think I don't know (mainly about characters/stages/outfits) , email me at:    -hugs and kisses, Damon.

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