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Monday, November 15, 2010

Kingdom Hea- AW WTF, CARDS?!?

So I got Brandon into Kingdom Hearts, and he loved the first one. LOVED IT. But, he finished the first one, and now he's moved on to Chain of Memories... and he was enjoying the nice graphics, boss battles, and wonderful story, AND THEN HE GOT STUCK. So, uh, yeah. So thats about it. In other news: I've been playing Sapphire to complete my pokedex. After you've played Ruby, Sapphire is nothing. Also, I've been playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2, and god dammit i hate that panels system, I mean, equiping each level you gain? Come on!! But I'm much more tolerant of bullshit than Brandon, well, we both have different tolerances of different bullshit. Also, ever since Halo Reach came out, Halo 3's been more fun than ever. Just saying. Alright, that's it.  Check back later this week ( Thursday or Friday) for a second weekly comic! Lucky you!

Until next time, -Damon

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