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Monday, July 18, 2011


Been playing Bit Trip Runner lately! Sure is fun. -Sigh-

Monday, July 11, 2011

Reboot Up Your Ass

Ah, what a day! Monday! Such is a day full of Assasin's Creed! Yes, I have finally started Assassin's Creed 2, started on Friday actually. And, hell, it's awesome! It's like Assassin's Creed 1, but with improvements everywhere! Kinda busy with that, but here's this week's comic. (On time, too!)

I'm no die-hard, Cheif sucking fanboy, but I do enjoy the Halo series, and I feel that the trailer for 434's new Halo 4 is worth some attention. It looks pretty cool.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

E3 2011

Wow... well, this was horribly delayed. Here it is though... enjoy. Caleb has joined the writing team, and we're changing the game! The comics are going to rock, but they're quite the work load. I'll be keeping up on schedule with these crazy long comics due to the fact that I missed so many weeks. The new mouse will be put to work!

E3 2011 Summary- We fucking love everything Nintendo's doing. We dislike Kinect, but that Combat Evolved Remake seems neat. Sony didn't have much new.

Skull Girls
Batman Arkham City
Skyward Sword (The Legend of Zelda)
Battlefield 3
The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
Those new Kirby games

Games I can wait for (but will get)-
Halo 4
Mincraft Arcade (I've done too much on PC!!!)
All those 3DS games

I'm probably forgeting a lot of games, but whatever. Comment with games you can't wait for!

In my gaming status: I beat Arkham Asylum, and Split Second. I was excited for another Split Second but Black Rock closed, fuck! Oh well... there are plenty of bad-ass racing games!

In gaming news: Assassin's Creed. Ah, good memories. Showed us what the next generation of games would be like. It was a huge deal, and I've got to say, I loved every minute of it. (Except when you fell into water, what kind of assassin can't swim?) And Assassin's Creed sure has come a long way! Assassin's Creed 2 had incredible sales, and Brotherhood was also very popular. Which brings us to Revelations. At first, I didn't care. It had been a while since I donned the hood. But then I saw this- the Assassin's Creed Revelations E3 trailer. And dear God, it's beautiful. If you can, watch it in HD, with full screen. Ubisoft has done a great job with their games lately. Maybe that 'new game every 6 months' quota was so bad after all.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Being Literate FTW!

So we've got a new writer on the team! Caleb has joined forces, and we've been getting some rad stuff out! Hopefully we'll get that E3 comic out today (oh God, we sure fucked that up) but with the new writings, things are looking good. We're gonna be back on track and better than ever.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Creepy Nightmares

Brandon and I got Minecraft. Nuff' said.

Technical difficulties have seized the day. We're working on it...

UPDATE: Well, a lot's been going down. And well, it's getting overwhelming.
So, lets take it slow.
E3 is a little over a week away. This enough is scary, it's really crept up on us. I think the main reason why I'm so freaked out is because games are in a weird state. This E3 is really going to turn some heads.

So far, we know that Nintendo is unveiling the specifics on their new console "geared towards hardcore gamers." That statement can be interpreted in many ways, but basically, I see 2 possibilities. Either they mean they're going to make some awesome new Metroid, Zelda, nintendo stuff, OR they're going to go all out with Call of Duty, FPS stuff. But, I doubt it's the ladder. Nintendo just doesn't follow the FPS scene. And... controllers in the screen? The hell? This is just... eating away at my mind.

Valve has stated that they will not be unveiling Half Life 2 Episode 3 at E3 this year. People had gotten high hopes after seeing those Borealis life preservers... I sure did, but nope. It's just because Valve always makes an experience complete. This was a big fat bummer for me... Maybe next year.

Playstation has the NGP and random titles to talk about. They've also got a plan to port the most popular and deserving PSP titles to PS3 in HD Blu ray quality. MGS Peace Walker has been confirmed for this, Along with the 3rd Monster Hunter Portable. Brandon and I are willing to forget that PSN's been down for a  month if they bring FFVII Crisis Core to PS3. It'll be cool, and I'm excited, but I'm not satisfied. Maybe they'll spare some details on the new system they're working on?

I have no fucking idea what Microsoft is doing. I mean, I know they'll be showing off Gears 3, but that's just... a given. Maybe they'll just recycle last year's stupid ass circus act.

-sigh- I'm just going to play Minecraft and sweat out my fears.    -With fear, Damon

Monday, May 16, 2011


Both Brandon and I have finished it, and Portal 2 was amazing. A perfect 10 out of 10. Read any review, I'm sure you'll see the same. As long as you're not completely retarded you should love Portal 2. If you've played and finished the game, you may recognize the space obsessed personality core in today's comic. Enjoy!*

*Update: Hey guys! Since Monday, and even before I've seen a slew of mind blowing Portal 2 art, and although there have been some amazing pieces, this art piece depicting the 2 best of friends robots (Atlas, and P-body) has caught my eye. It's a nice bit that shows the silliness of the bots, and it's got a neat artistic design. I think it just about sums up the 2 bots on crazy adventures! Interpret it as you with, but I though I'd share this piece will all you Portal fans out there. This eye candy of a piece was created by the artist Retarzed. Be sure to check her out by clicking here for more tasteful art!

Monday, May 9, 2011

What... he's DEAD!?

Alright, to explain the comic, I just got Portal 2, and my computer is running like shit. So, yeah. You get a comic about Micheal Jackson.

And so, we can expect to see Caleb in upcoming comics. Welcome to the madhouse Caleb!

Monday, May 2, 2011

And his name is CALEB!

So, I've decided to put up the 3 comics over a 3 day time period. I felt like if I just put 'em all up, well, that'd be it. Bam. Kinda bland. But NO, I'm going to drag you through a cactus field of SUSPENSE. I'll put up the next tomorrow, and the last comic on Wednesday. So, that's that. Edit: SECOND COMIC IS UP. By tomorrow, Caleb, will officially be a part of OverKill.

In other news, Sony said that online play, and playstation home will be back up this week, but the PSN store will be restored sometime this month... gee... what a mess. Expect a comic on that sometime soon. (Next week?)

Sony's just been fucking EVERYTHING up lately. It was officially announced that the 'PSP Go' has been discontinued. They didn't sell everything that was shipped, and now I guess they're going to have to bury them at the border of Mexico... Though, I see them now as a collector's item. I mean, Game Boy Lights, Game Boy Pockets, and GBA minis. Weird, old, forgotten alternate versions of handhelds consoles. The PSP Go is now among them. So, I may pick one up, I mean, I don't intend playing it, it's retarded. I already have PSP 3000, so yeah. But if you're considering buying a PSP go for... actually playing. Don't. Just don't...

MORE SONY NEWS- You may have noticed, but new PSP games are now only $30. Ten dollars down from the original forty. This is because of upcoming NGP. Just thought I'd throw that out there. If anything else important comes up, I'll put it down. Until then, tomorrow we'll see another comic... and Caleb.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What the fuck? No new comic? Don't commit suicide just yet!

Drop the gun you have aimed between your eyes, we've got a reason for the lack of a new Monday comic! The new character comic special was supposed to be only 2 comics, but then I couldn't help but do 3, and holy hot damn, we're up to 4. So if you could keep your cool, we'll be putting up THREE FUCKING COMICS ON MONDAY.

I guess I'll take a break from those and put up a bonus comic, so until then, check out what is most likely the coolest Game Boy Light ever. I'd have bought one, but they were all sold out. Bummer.

There's A LOT of news to address, and I'll get to that, but I think the PSN outage is most important! What started as simple 'Shit, no Portal 2 online' turned into a 'Holy fucking hell, my credit card info was in the hands of identity theives and now the UK is going to quiz Sony which could have them end up in massive butt-hurt?!?'. Yup. That's where this has gone. I'll post links later, but if you really need to keep updated on it just go to the PSN blog. Upon clicking that link scroll down a bit to see their latest pathectic posts.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Beyond the Grave... lies Boredom

So, there have been rumomrs about Wii2! Yes, but Wii2 isn't the ideal title to put in your head. Think along the lines of 'New HD Nintendon Console with screens in the controller'. If you just said 'what the fuck' out loud, then you apparently grasp it. I'm not sure how to go about this, but apparently this new system is geared toward 'Hardcore' gamers. What IS a hardcore gamer to Nintendo? Someone who plays Call of Duty all night? Or someone who plays Final Fantasy all night just wanting to level boost a little before going to sleep. I'm not sure, but I hope it the latter. You can read about it on Destructoid, and I'm sure there are even more articles else where.

Check out the Launch Trailer!
I've also put up an additional image, a Portal 2 wallpaper. (It's actually the image you'll see if you log onto Steam today!) But here it is in wallpaper form, for your pc, psp, 360, PS3, I don't care! Use it for something, because it rocks!

About the comic, we'll be bringing in a new challenger! But who? What new character has the glory befitting this comic?!? GOD ONLY KNOWS!

Monday, April 11, 2011

EB Games Legacy

And so, Portal 2 comes out soon... yes... yes it does...
Speaking of Valve games, TF2 recently came out with that Engie Hair, 'Big Country'. If anybody has it, send me a message. My Steam name is 'comicretard' or course! It would help a great deal.
Other than that, not much else has happened. Angry Birds is getting it's own show, which seems insane.
Oh, and how could I forget, be sure to check out Bit Shifter! I usually listen to these songs while I work on these comics, or level boost in Final Fantasy or Pokemon, they are superb. Chiptunes at their best!:

*Hey, whoa! Although the comic looks all stretched out, worry not! Click on it to view the full thing, and it's fine. Can't quite fix it, I just look forward to the day this comic isn't on blogger anymore... If anyone has any advice, comment below, or email me at           -Damon

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was fucking retarded

UPDATE: Bonus Comic! I missed a week or two, so here's a comic that has nothing to do with anything!
I honestly have no better title for this comic. ANYWAY.
I started playing Half Life 2, which is needless to say, an amazing game. Dissidia Duodecim is somewhat disappointing. I mean, all the new songs are cool... but the story is lame, and I really was just hoping for more stages. I am debating on whether or not to continue playing.
Aside from that, I recently finished up the Batman comic 'Hush', and I'm damn excited to start playing Arkham Asylum. But Portal 2 comes out this month so it may have to wait. Brandon and I have picked up 3rd Birthday but that's on hold until we have more time....
That's about it in a nut shell, comics will go up every Monday from now on! Make comics, not war. -Damon.

Monday, March 21, 2011

There's no 'I' in 'Team'... or 'Dead Pool'

Marvel vs Capcom 3 rocks! That's all that need be said. If Dante, Dead Pool, Amaterisu, and awesome Wolverine versus Ryu fights don't grasp your excitment, then fuck you!
Other than that, I just bought Final Fantasy Duodecim, just a couple hours ago, so now I'm gonna go play it. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YEAH.

Starting April were changing shit up. Comics will be up specifically on Mondays. Until April, I'm not really sure what we're doing update wise. Gets confusing...
We've just been putting up the comics once a week on a random day, not only does it make it inconvenient for you, the reader, but it kinda makes it tough on me. Deciding what day to do the comic gets weird, and then we end up with a missed comic. I haven't done a double week in a while... In short: shit gets messed up. So, in April, we'll take care of that. That's not too far, you can wait. Until then, we need some time to catch up.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Out with the old, and in with the New

NEW COMIC, IT'S HERE!!! Forgive us for not updating lately! Between Dead Space, Arkham Asylum, and Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare pack, shits been tough! But fret no more! Starting in April we'll be strictly sticking to updating EVERY MONDAY! Yeah! Onward toward progression!

So Pokemons Black and White are out! We don't care! We'll play them in a year or 2... or 10. We've still got to catch 'em all in Ruby and Leaf Green. But whatever. Enjoy the Pokemon hunting! -Damon

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Cake is a... umm... uh?

Part 1 of a 2 part comic! If you can WITHSTAND the SUSPENSE, I'll be uploading part 2 later today! I meant to have both up today, but this one took longer than expected. ON TO BUSINESS.  (Part 2 is up!)

THE NGP/PSP2 WAS ANNOUNCED: Dual analog sticks? A touch screen? Graphics rivaling the PS3? And that's not even the whole of it. I always dreamed of the day in the furture when we'd have flying cars. But the future is here, this is it. I have amazing hopes for the NGP. It's going to have a port of Metal Gear Solid 4. What more need be said? (click to read IGN article) (IGN article not satisfy your lust for knowledge? Click this to read CNET's coverage of the glorious item)

Picked up the psp game 'Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?' last Friday. Best choice I've made all month. It's a really fun, cool, and humerous platformer/action title my the creators of Disgaea. The sequal was recently released, and I had been meaning to buy the first one, so I finally decided now was the time. And, well, I've beated the main story twice, and I finished the secret Asagi story (obtained by collecting all the torn letters after each stage, the tenth letter is a BITCH) thus adding up to completing it 3 times. Working on getting all the secret dolls, and then I may try and play it on hell's finest... but hey, lets take it slow.

Also, Dissidia Duodecim is coming out in March! Yeah! Though, I'm not impressed with only 7 new characters... (not that that matters, they already had my $40 when Tifa was announced as a new addition to the cast) but with all the other new things they added it above over equaling out. Also in March will be the english release of 'The 3rd Birthday'. It's the third game in the Parasite Eve story. It looks amazing... though, I have my doubts that most of you remember Parasite Eve, being that the other 2 games are for the PlayStation... but, hey, if you do, I'm proud of you.

And we'll leave off on a good note: Guitar Hero is dead! Thank you, GOODNIGHT! -Damon

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dead Space 2 is upon us MORTALS

Dead Space 2 is total redemption for EA. Every single shitty sports game they've ever made, and ever will make is forgiven. Dead Space 2 gets a 10 out of 10 from us. Definitaly. Go buy it. Forgive the lack of a comic last week. We've hit a few bumps, but as we all know, the rape train has no brakes. 

Also, we're starting something I'm pretty happy about. A couple times a week, we'll be putting up unique video game themed music on our new youtube channel! Give us a listen, and share the videos with friends! Come check out the OverKill youtube channel!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Battle of Infinity

Dead Space 2 comes out Tuesday! Get ready! THIS IS IT!!!!

Not much to say... been playing some Dissidia... and hating each other... been playing some TF2, and loving it. Netflix is going to opperate entirely on streaming soon... and, uh... you better pre order Dead Space 2 now, to get the Rivet Gun. An exclusive way to make it an even bloodier mess. Fuck yes.

If you've nothing else to do, why not watch elderly women freak out when shown Dead Space 2 footage? Watch old hags freak due to dead space 2, clicky!

UPDATE: Hey! We of OverKill have made a special montage to celebrate almost half a year of making comics! Check it out! 

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Friend Garbage Demon

Dead Space 2 comes out on the 25th. Don't fucking forget it.

And with that said, lets move onto the topic at hand. The Tomb Raider series is getting a reboot. Which, is much needed. I've never been a big Tomb Raider fan. On PlayStation I spent my time with the Final Fantasy games, Metal Gear, Spyro, and other shit... But I never got around to playing Tomb Raider, though, I've always known about it. I recently picked up the first and second one, and have started enjoying them. They're fun, but Lara Croft is to... masculine. The new Lara Croft is rather ' hot '. Though, it's all part of design, and the added survival/horror element to the game is something I look forward to. But, hey, I never really liked the orginial Tomb Raider, so if you're upset with my opinion, don't take it to heart.
-Love, Damon

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Super Meat Boy is Difficult

Well, shit. Technical difficulties have seized the day, and we're having trouble with this comic. We're working to fix it, read some other comics in the mean time, or check me out on deviantart.

So recently Brandon and I have purchased a couple XBLA games. Among those games are; The Scott Pilgrim game, Braid, and Super Meat Boy. All of them are fun, but Super Meat Boy is something special. I find that the art has a very 'flash' style to it, as do the cut scenes. I like this. The humor is ever flowing, and the game's difficulty is something else. I've never gotten mad at it. I've cussed at it alot, but never really mad. It's kind of like an 'Aw fuck! Almost had it!' kind of cussing. Though, I have had Bradon frequently help me. Each level is challenging, and is just really fun. Basically, it's 800 microsoft points to sit back with a friend, have some laughs, and get into a really individual platformer. I can't really describe it, so check out the blog! Or youtube some shit. I'm not your mom, I don't control you.

The Scott Pilgrim game is cool, but if you weren't a fan of the comics, it may just feel like a silly beat 'em up with nice art. So I'm not really sure for most people, though I find it fun, and really remanicent of classic arcade games. And the fact that the game serves fandom is a bonus for me. I bought Braid because I heard good things about it, and because I just felt like wasting microsoft points, and I haven't played it yet, Super Meat Boy is fun. So I'll get back to you guys on that. Other than that, not much has gone down. So, until next time, Love, Damon.

EDIT: FUCK YES!!! I fixed the comic quality, which before as you may not have known was actually semi-shitty. So if you've already seen it, check it out once more, it looks much nicer now.