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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What the fuck? No new comic? Don't commit suicide just yet!

Drop the gun you have aimed between your eyes, we've got a reason for the lack of a new Monday comic! The new character comic special was supposed to be only 2 comics, but then I couldn't help but do 3, and holy hot damn, we're up to 4. So if you could keep your cool, we'll be putting up THREE FUCKING COMICS ON MONDAY.

I guess I'll take a break from those and put up a bonus comic, so until then, check out what is most likely the coolest Game Boy Light ever. I'd have bought one, but they were all sold out. Bummer.

There's A LOT of news to address, and I'll get to that, but I think the PSN outage is most important! What started as simple 'Shit, no Portal 2 online' turned into a 'Holy fucking hell, my credit card info was in the hands of identity theives and now the UK is going to quiz Sony which could have them end up in massive butt-hurt?!?'. Yup. That's where this has gone. I'll post links later, but if you really need to keep updated on it just go to the PSN blog. Upon clicking that link scroll down a bit to see their latest pathectic posts.

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