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Monday, May 2, 2011

And his name is CALEB!

So, I've decided to put up the 3 comics over a 3 day time period. I felt like if I just put 'em all up, well, that'd be it. Bam. Kinda bland. But NO, I'm going to drag you through a cactus field of SUSPENSE. I'll put up the next tomorrow, and the last comic on Wednesday. So, that's that. Edit: SECOND COMIC IS UP. By tomorrow, Caleb, will officially be a part of OverKill.

In other news, Sony said that online play, and playstation home will be back up this week, but the PSN store will be restored sometime this month... gee... what a mess. Expect a comic on that sometime soon. (Next week?)

Sony's just been fucking EVERYTHING up lately. It was officially announced that the 'PSP Go' has been discontinued. They didn't sell everything that was shipped, and now I guess they're going to have to bury them at the border of Mexico... Though, I see them now as a collector's item. I mean, Game Boy Lights, Game Boy Pockets, and GBA minis. Weird, old, forgotten alternate versions of handhelds consoles. The PSP Go is now among them. So, I may pick one up, I mean, I don't intend playing it, it's retarded. I already have PSP 3000, so yeah. But if you're considering buying a PSP go for... actually playing. Don't. Just don't...

MORE SONY NEWS- You may have noticed, but new PSP games are now only $30. Ten dollars down from the original forty. This is because of upcoming NGP. Just thought I'd throw that out there. If anything else important comes up, I'll put it down. Until then, tomorrow we'll see another comic... and Caleb.

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