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Monday, May 16, 2011


Both Brandon and I have finished it, and Portal 2 was amazing. A perfect 10 out of 10. Read any review, I'm sure you'll see the same. As long as you're not completely retarded you should love Portal 2. If you've played and finished the game, you may recognize the space obsessed personality core in today's comic. Enjoy!*

*Update: Hey guys! Since Monday, and even before I've seen a slew of mind blowing Portal 2 art, and although there have been some amazing pieces, this art piece depicting the 2 best of friends robots (Atlas, and P-body) has caught my eye. It's a nice bit that shows the silliness of the bots, and it's got a neat artistic design. I think it just about sums up the 2 bots on crazy adventures! Interpret it as you with, but I though I'd share this piece will all you Portal fans out there. This eye candy of a piece was created by the artist Retarzed. Be sure to check her out by clicking here for more tasteful art!

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