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Monday, May 23, 2011

Creepy Nightmares

Brandon and I got Minecraft. Nuff' said.

Technical difficulties have seized the day. We're working on it...

UPDATE: Well, a lot's been going down. And well, it's getting overwhelming.
So, lets take it slow.
E3 is a little over a week away. This enough is scary, it's really crept up on us. I think the main reason why I'm so freaked out is because games are in a weird state. This E3 is really going to turn some heads.

So far, we know that Nintendo is unveiling the specifics on their new console "geared towards hardcore gamers." That statement can be interpreted in many ways, but basically, I see 2 possibilities. Either they mean they're going to make some awesome new Metroid, Zelda, nintendo stuff, OR they're going to go all out with Call of Duty, FPS stuff. But, I doubt it's the ladder. Nintendo just doesn't follow the FPS scene. And... controllers in the screen? The hell? This is just... eating away at my mind.

Valve has stated that they will not be unveiling Half Life 2 Episode 3 at E3 this year. People had gotten high hopes after seeing those Borealis life preservers... I sure did, but nope. It's just because Valve always makes an experience complete. This was a big fat bummer for me... Maybe next year.

Playstation has the NGP and random titles to talk about. They've also got a plan to port the most popular and deserving PSP titles to PS3 in HD Blu ray quality. MGS Peace Walker has been confirmed for this, Along with the 3rd Monster Hunter Portable. Brandon and I are willing to forget that PSN's been down for a  month if they bring FFVII Crisis Core to PS3. It'll be cool, and I'm excited, but I'm not satisfied. Maybe they'll spare some details on the new system they're working on?

I have no fucking idea what Microsoft is doing. I mean, I know they'll be showing off Gears 3, but that's just... a given. Maybe they'll just recycle last year's stupid ass circus act.

-sigh- I'm just going to play Minecraft and sweat out my fears.    -With fear, Damon

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