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Monday, May 7, 2012

A Different kind of Zelda...

Hey folks! I've been up to my ears in art related stuff, and I've been working on a special OverKill for Skyrim! Oohhh! But we couldn't just pass up a comic, so this week I've asked for the help of none other than Jonathan Murdock, the creator of Dungeon Hordes!

Be sure to read more Dungeon Hordes by clicking here!

And don't forget to check out some of Jonathan's awesome art on his Deviant Art page by clicking here!

In other news, I've been working on various projects lately, all very odd. Fleshing out ideas and exploring the endless field of evil in my mind. Your usual artist shit. Other than that, in my free time I've finally finished Oblivion, along with ALL of the guild questlines. It's been a fun journey, and I'm glad I decided to play it before Skyrim. I've dived into Elder Scrolls lore and I like it. A lot. I'm going to take a break before going back to play Shivering Isles though. And I'll need a good while before playing Skyrim... If I spent all my free time playing Bethesda games I'd probably go insane and live in a disturbing fantasy world in my head. However, what would the comics of an insane man look like? One can only wonder. -Damon

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