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Monday, June 25, 2012

Nintendo Asylum

Hey hey! Comic is UP. Well, not too long ago I took a trip to Nintendo World, in New York! It was a pretty amazing place, very very Nintendo. The best part was the small museum of Nintendo stuff they had on the top floor, filled with classic relics that would humble any gamer. And they had a giant Pikachu statue... and I swear I heard something...

 A special thanks goes out to :iconxsplosive: !!! Who helped me out on Monday, thanks Bri!

On the topic of Nintendo, it seems Reggie Fils-Aime is getting fed up with the way people are treating Nintendo. We claims to be doing his best, yet gamers are 'insatiable'. Harsh words Reggie. We still love you.

Other than that, I highly recommend giving a listen to the sound track of the indie game 'Mutant Mudds'. I'm quite the fan of chiptune, and this is definitely quenching my thirst. Check it out here- Mutant Mudds OST

Quick update, someone cross stitched all 151 Pokemon. It took them 130 days, wow! Check it out here, witness the cross stitching magic.

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