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Monday, July 9, 2012

An Age Old Dilema

 Well, we're back! And for good reasons, last week I was without power. Which. Was. Awful. It was a hell unlike any other. However, this week you'll all be getting 3, that's right, 3 comics! There's today's comic, and the conclusion will be posted Friday! As well as a bonus comic being put up this Wednesday! Until then, enjoy!

Also, if you wanted to see the poster from the first panel of today's comic without losing your eye sight, Resident Weedle 4 bitches. -Damon

*UPDATE: Part 2 is up! Due to multiple fucking problems it couldn't be up Friday, but despite all odds it's here today. I'm afraid the bonus comics will have to wait until I get my computer fixed, which will hopefully be soon. Until then Monday updates will still continue. Thanks for putting up with this shit!

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  1. Haha i know that but all my friends are wise enough to give me player 1