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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

4 Gs of the worst kind

Busy week, taking things easy with an MS paint comic. G4 deserves no better.

*Update- Hey all, I've been a tad tied up. Sadly there will be no comic this week. However, be sure to look forward to next week's comic! School starts up soon, and I've got some loose ends to tie up, leaving me pretty beat. Transformers has been taking up spare time. So, to anyone who got Fall of Cybertron, you rock, and enjoy. To appease your  rage due to the lack of a comic, instead enjoy a kick ass picture of Optimus Prime.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Happens Every Time

Ah, Mario Party. Such joyous days of party simulated fun. Until your so called 'friends' screw you over, take all your stars, and leave you for dead on an abandoned island! That has happen way too many times.

*Update- Similar to countless others, I have been on the fence about Dead Space 3, what with all the shooting, and the pulping. Originally, things weren't looking so good for dear old Dead Space 3. However, I can now safely say that I am looking forward to what I'm almost positive will be the next awesome Dead Space game. Check out this all new Dead Space 3 trailer from Gamescom.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Disturbingly Cute

So, here we are again! I still don't have photoshop back yet, but the show must go on, right? So, I've started a Backlog. A very mysterious backlog... and so far, on that log I have just finished the classic Zone of the Enders! Look forward to a comic on it soon. (Trying to find the sequel is stores sure is a bitch, but there is always the INTERNET.)