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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vidya vs. The Media

     This comic may be a few days late, but it's been crafted with extra love (or in this case, extra deep burning hatred)! The topic of this comic comes from an interview poor old Reggie Fils Aime had to endure, which you can read here.  While it made me upset and sad to read, it was just too funny how stupid and disrespectful the newscasters were.

     However, this strip goes beyond that one very funny, yet disturbingly stupid interview. This comic is in dedication of my hatred for every time Fox, and the media in general has blamed video games for something bad. Bad is an incredibly vague adjective, yet it's the only one that fits. Video games have been blamed for turning kids and adults alike into thieves, sociopaths, pedophiles, drug addicts, and worst of all; killers.     Countless times I have witness people who know nothing about video games tell other people who know nothing about games that they're evil. Worst of all, people who don't know about games believe the lies they're fed by the media. And Fox news has lied, countless times.

     I can pull up countless incidences. The game Doom was blamed for causing Columbine. Dynasty Warriors was said to make Adam Lanza shoot up Sandy Hook elementary school. Manhunt was taken as police evidence when Warren LeBlanc killed a young girl. And I don't even want to get started with how many crimes Grand Theft Auto has allegedly caused.

     Like many others, I've received tons of negative criticism and been told I'd become a sociopathic killer without the ability to distinguish reality from fiction. Video games are a misunderstood media, like music and comics before it, and I look forward to the day they're not everyone's first scape goat to turn to. Until then, we've just got to endure the harsh words and prove to the world video games aren't what's wrong with the world.     -David Brown

"Take this! My love! My hate! And all of my sorrow!" -Domon Kasshu, G Gundam

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