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Monday, June 17, 2013

Hotline Miami is good for kids

Recently played through Hotline Miami, and loved every second of it. Definitely one of my favorite indie titles, so how could I resist doing a neon soaked comic for it?


  1. should their be a crossover i would like to see a crossover fanfic

  2. i love this game cant wait for hotline miami 2 wrong number
    to come out

  3. i whan't to see a crossover of hotline miami if anyone see's this comment
    please make a crossover in the fanfiction net please

  4. i hope there's a crossover's for hotline miami i would love to see one

  5. nobody want's to see a crossover faggot

  6. just every body stop coplaining about the hotline miami crossover
    not all games will get a crossover just give them a chance to make
    a crossover for hotline miami. I want to see a crossover two pactients guys

  7. proboly people never heard of this game

  8. someone FUCKING tell me why there is no crossover in the why
    but there's one crossover payday 2 hiest and IT DIDENT MAKE SENSE
    i waited THREE FUCKING YEARS for part two to come out
    ( please review comment )