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Comic Archive

This is where I will have an archive for ALL the comics I've done so far so that way no one has to search or maim!

The way it's organized is the number of the comic, the title (which is also a link to the comic), the date, and then the subject matter of said comic. Enjoy!

2D Fighters Kick Ass... the good ones, anyway  [June 11]  -Capcom vs Snk
E3 2010  [July 3]  -E3 2010
Thieves in Disguise [July 14]  -Gamestop
Siding with the Dark  [July 16]  -Darksiders
Good memories  [July 17]  -Metal Gear Solid
Spring Cleaning  [July 26]  -Trade ins
Poke E Manz  [August 8]  -Pokemon Ruby
Just another Day...  [August 10]  -Soul Calibur 2
All Grammatical Errors Intended  [August 13]  -?
A sin unlike any other  [September 7]  -Soul Calibur 4
Black Wii is Bad Ass  [September 13]  -Black Wii
Preorder Contorter  [September 17]  -Dead Space/Halo Reach
Active Activity  [September 22]  -Bioshock movie
Creativity at it's finest  [September 28]  -Scribblenauts
Another game, Another $60  [October 6]  -Gamestop
3DS Epic  [October 12]  -3DS
3DS Epic (Part 2)  [October 21]  -3DS
Friendly Online Gaming  [October 25]  -Halo 3
Ghastly Geeks  [November 2]  -Halloween
Snipers vs. Rockets   [November 9]  -Halo Reach
Berserker Overdrive  [November 15]  -Kingdom Heart: Re Chain of Memories
Glory of another name   [November 17]  -Dissidia
Not tolerant of YOUR SHIT   [November 22]  -PSN Hacking
The Look on his Face...   [November 29]  -Misc
Kinect, soul stealing fun!  [December 1]  -Kinect
Snake in-nuendo!  [December 7]  -MGS Peace Walker
NEVER FORGET  [December 15]  -Portal
Life in the Grid  [December 30]  -Tron Legacy

Super Meat Boy is Difficult [January 4]  -Super Meat Boy
My Friend Garbage Demon   [January 14]  -Misc
The Battle of Infinity  [January 21]  -Dissidia
Dead Space 2 is upon us MORTALS  [February 2]  -Dead Space 2
The cake is a... um... uh?  [February 11]  -Various/ NGP/ PS Vita
The cake is a... um... uh?(Part 2)  [February 12]  -NGP/ PS Vita
Out with the Old, and in with the New  [March 10]  -Pokemon
There's no 'I' in 'Team'... or 'Deadpool'  [March 21]  -Marvel vs Capcom 3
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was fucking retarded   [April 4]  -Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
The Day I Fought a Bear   [?]  -Bonus Comic
EB Games Legacy   [April 11]  -EB Games
Beyond the Grave... lies Boredom   [April 18]  -Misc
And his name is CALEB!   [May 2]  -New Character
And his name is CALEB!(Part 2)  [May 3]  -New Charcter
What... he's DEAD!?   [May 9]  -Filler comic
I'm in SPACE!!!  [May 16]  -Portal 2
Creepy Nightmares  [May 23]  -Minecraft
E3 2011  [July 6]  -E3 2011
Reboot Up Your Ass  [July 11]  -Misc
BITch be TRIPin DUCKZ  [July 18]  -Bit Trip Series

It's been a loooooong time  [April 2]  -Mass Effect 3 
Geez wizz, look at the time!  [April 9]  -Misc
Apocalyptic Negotiations  [April 16]  -Fallout 3
Operation Raccoon Shitty  [April 23]  -Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Bring Your Pet to Work Day  [April 30]  -Castle Crashers
A Different kind of Zelda...(Guest Comic)  [May 7]  -Zelda
Slanted Dicks Presents  [May 14]  -Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Gold Mine of Intellectual Properties  [May 21] -Fruit Ninja Kinect
Quality vs Quantity  [May 28]  -Alien Hominid
My Reggie is Body  [June 4]  -Reggie Fils-Aime
The Deal of a Life Time   [June 11]  -Humble Indie Bundle V
The Force is Wrong with This One  [June 18]  -Metroid/Star Wars
Nintendo Asylum (Alt)  [June 25]  -Nintendo World/Pokemon
An Age Old Dilemma  [July 9]  -Player 2
An Age Old Dilemma (Part 2)  [July 12]  -Player 2
It's like the New Coke (Guest Comic)  [July 23]  -Wii U
This couldn't back fire...  [July 31]  -Battlefield 3
Disturbingly Cute  [August 6]  -Pikmin
Happens Every Time  [August 13]  -Mario Party
4 Gs of the worst kind  [August 21]  -G4
The Best Around  [October 1]  -Quicktime events
Depends how you define 'Evil'  [December 3]  -Final Fantasy IV
Casuals...  [December 12]  -Casuals/Call of Duty
The Best Laid Plans  [December 17]  -?
Holiday Cheer  [December 23]  -Christmas